John's Driving Lessons

John’s Driving School offers driving lessons for drivers of all levels of ability across southern Perth. From Fremantle to Coogee, across to Cockburn Central, and Booragoon, across Bicton and all surrounding suburbs.

We are also available to assist with mandatory age retests for those aged 70 or over, regaining a licence after a period of exclusion from driving and even confidence boosting for anyone that feels that they would like a lesson or two.

For many, obtaining a provisional licence is a daunting prospect beset with many challenges. However at John’s Driving School we will assist you at every step of the way, from helping you to acquiring your learner’s permit.

Teaching you how to control and drive a car to pass the Hazard Perception Test. Logging your 50 hours of supervised driving and eventually passing the Practical Driving Assessment.

We understand exactly how nervous novice drivers can be, so our lessons are tailored to suit your particular needs, allowing you to grow in confidence on quiet streets before you find yourself in busy traffic situations.

Preparations for the P.D.A. is thorough and we’ll ensure that you are competent in the required field called, Left Something Behind, which will be explained once we commence.

Once you have acquired the necessary skills to demonstrate that you can identify and respond to driving hazards on the road, you will then be ready for the test.

When you need a driving school that can deliver success, give Johns Driving School ring, with over 30 years’ experience we can assist ring 0417770230.